Sunday, May 19, 2013

There were some hungry whales 13 miles from Gloucester today. As we watched our first whale, a humpback, I noticed a number of northern gannets flying and diving for fish. Shortly after, we moved over to another humpback that was in the area. We noticed that each time the whale surfaced, a patch of bubbles came up behind it. This indicated that the whale was feeding on fish beneath the surface of the water.


A photo of our fish finder taken by Nancy shows the whale feeding at the bottom, at about 171 feet.

There were a few other whales in the area, so we decided to take a look at another humpback, who was also doing some feeding. This whale, Sedge, has some scarring on its dorsal fin that looks like it could be from a previous entanglement in fishing gear. Entanglement is a huge problem for whales and other marine animals. I will have more information about this coming up, and some ways that we can help, so check back soon!



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