Sunday, June 16, 2013

We had a really exciting day today, with most of it being spent watching a humpback named Pinball. She is a female that we have been seeing since early May, and today we noticed how she looks a little bit bigger than a few weeks ago, evidence that she has been doing some feeding over the past few weeks. We had fantastic looks to start, and then began seeing bubble clouds, evidence that she was feeding.


Just one of the great looks at Pinball!


If you look on either side of the fluke, you can see why this whale gets the name Pinball.


We were also lucky enough to see a tail breach from her. A tail breach is when the whale throws its tail, or fluke, out of the water very suddenly. Hopefully everyone got to see it! It was also a great day in the sense that we had a lot of great conversations with passengers, both on the way out to see the whales as well as on the ride back in. We are always excited to share our knowledge and talk with all of the people we get to meet.


We also got to see these eider ducklings that have been hanging around the inner harbor lately.



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