Thursday, July 18, 2013

What a great day! We started our morning trip with Satula, a humpback whale we have seen numerous times this season. He was taking some short dives and staying at the surface for long periods of time, making for a great whale watch! We also got to see a number of fin whales, as well as minke whales. It was great to see a number of different whales again!Image

The afternoon proved to be just as exciting as the morning! After some great, close looks at a blue shark, we watched Satula again, and also five fin whales and seven minke whales. This was the most whales we have seen on any one trip in the whole season!

The highlight of the day was watching Satula approach and play in a patch of seaweed on the surface of the water. This is a behavior called kelping, and has only been seen a small handful of times by crew members who have been with Cape Ann Whale Watch for more than ten years!Image



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