Saturday, August 17, 2013 and Sunday, August 18, 2013

What an incredible couple of days! We were lucky enough to spot pods of dolphins both Saturday and Sunday. Often times when we see the Atlantic white sided dolphins, there is a fin whale nearby. This was the case again, with one of these huge whales surfacing right next to the boat. We were shocked when a second whale appeared right next to it! As baleen whales, fin whales can sometimes form short term associations, but we don’t see them very often. It was just so awesome to see these two whales with the dolphins swimming around them!2 fin whales

fin whale with dolphins

On Sunday we were watching Mogul, a humpback whale.  He was staying in one general area and soon we began seeing some bubble clouds indicating that he was doing some feeding under the surface. One thing about watching whales is that after they dive, we never know when they will be back at the surface or where they will be. I happened to look down over the starboard side just as Mogul was swimming from directly under us, water pouring out the sides of his mouth as he made his way to the surface! In the photo below, you can see some of the pleats expanded on the left side. One of my favorite sightings from this year!


Mogul dragging underwater


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