Saturday, September 28, 2013

The past week has brought some unique sightings- each trip has been different from the previous! It seems as though a few new whales have moved into the area, which has been great. Often times, throughout the season when we did see a new whale it seems that they leave the area as soon as they move in. Recently we have been going out expecting to find one or two of a few different individuals. One of the new regulars has actually been a pair of humpbacks- Valley and her calf. We watched Valley on a number of trips at the end of last season, and she looked very large, so we were not surprised to see her with a new calf this season.


We had also received reports of another humpback in the area that had a large amount of scarring and was moving slowly. We were waiting for Valley and her calf to come back to the surface from a deep dive when this whale surfaced nearby, We moved over to take a look and to take some photos of what looks like scarring from possibly being entangled. We will keep our eyes out to see if we can observe this whale, identified as Timberline, in the coming weeks.



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