Saturday, April 19, 2014

What a great first day out! We had beautiful weather, a little windy but bright skies- and great sightings. We started with a very small humpback whale, who had a very distinct fluke pattern, however even with the large number of naturalists on board celebrating the first trip, no one could identify this whale. Being that it was so small, it is possible that it could be a juvenile whose fluke we do not have record of.

After a few looks we decided to move on to see what else was out there. We soon spotted what we thought were two whales, but at the next surfacing we were surprised with three whales! Three females, Cajun, Owl, and Shark were swimming in association.


It has been a long, cold winter, and we sure did miss this view!


Owl’s beautiful fluke- notice the two ‘owl eyes’ on either side.


Shark gets her name from the markings on the right side of her fluke.

Also nearby was a fin whale, who showed its speed as it was moving quickly and surfacing far from where we watched it dive. We all had a great day, and are very excited to get back out there next Saturday!