World Oceans Day!

feeding_c14-005_8695 IMG_8687

Feeding Humpbacks!!!! That sums up World Oceans Day! The humpbacks were celebrating sand eels today!


IMG_8689 IMG_8706

At one point today, we were surrounded by 20 feeding whales! There was a group of 3 adults (Glostick, Jabiru, and Pleats) that were feeding together. Glostick was kick feeding and she did 5 kicks, getting bigger and bigger, blew bubbles and then all three whales would surface. After seeing that many times, they started lunge feeding. We would see the sand eels jump out of the water, followed quickly by a few bubbles and then three lunge feeding humpbacks!! Glostick is one of this year’s mom and her calf was just hanging out at the surface. He or she breached a few times and also did a few tail breaches. So exciting!!


Another large group of whales was moving around feeding together. At some points, I think there were 7 whales in the group! Cajun, Geometry, Orbit, Pepper to name a few. It’s always amazing to see that many animals feeding together. It’s so interesting that Cajun was in this group because a few years ago, there was a large group of humpbacks staying together, and again Cajun was part of the group–two years in a row.


We also saw Dome kick feeding. Echo and her calf were also out there feeding as well. It was truly an amazing day! Flat calm, and lots of whales! Can’t wait until tomorrow!!!


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