July 18, 2014

The sightings recently have been so amazing- sometimes I wonder how long they can possibly last, but we are enjoying every minute of our trips lately! This morning in particular we had 25 or more humpback whales feeding as far as our eyes could see. Many of the whales were kick feeding, and it is so neat to see how each individual has a unique pattern of kicks before coming up to the surface, mouths wide open. This week we have seen the whales feeding on sand eels. We got a good look at one unlucky sand eel as a bird picked one up and swooped by the side of the boat.



You can see the baleen, expanded ventral pleats, and one little sand eel in the middle


Two humpbacks come up through a bubble net

In addition to the number of whales, the quality of sightings has been just fantastic. There is nothing like watching whales around us, but when one surprises us and surfaces RIGHT next to us, it is such an exciting feeling. We were lucky enough today to have a couple of bubble nets form on either side, with whales coming up just yards away.

Polaris (left) dives deep next to Treasure.

Polaris (left) dives deep next to Treasure.


A passenger asked me if whales ever come any closer than they already were- soon after three humpbacks created a bubble net and fed just feet away!

During our afternoon trip we were also treated to a whale flipper slapping and breaching before watching the feeding frenzy going on about a mile away.


Whales after open mouth feeding in the foreground, a whale ‘dragging’ (swimming and allowing water to stream through baleen), and another pair in the distance



Thank you to CAWW’s good friend, Julian for this photo of a humpback named T-Rex breaching!

One thought on “July 18, 2014

  1. My grandsons and I had a wonderful time. It was their first whale watch, and what an afternoon it was! The reaction of their first sighting was something I won’t forget. My 7 year old was listening to one of the educators, asked quite a few questions, and everyone of them were answered in detail and with patience. I was very impressed. It was well worth it, and will be going again, however, it will be a hard trip to duplicate.
    Thanks to everyone at Cape Ann Whale Watch!!!


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